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Sprinkles of Joy

Sprinkling sweetness in Oregon

621 E 1st Street, Newberg 
Tue-Sat 9-4pm   
Now Serving: Cupcakes, Cookies, Coffee Cake, Scones and more daily at the shop!
Flavors changing weekly!


 Hi, I'm Kelly, the owner and confectionary creator! I grew up baking in the kitchen with my family. As I grew older, my passion continued to grow and I knew that I wanted to pursue baking as a career. I sought out more education to learn from the best and have a solid foundation for my baking knowledge. I graduated from  Le Cordon Bleu with my degree in Baking and Patisserie in 2016. After working for several bakeries in the Portland area, my heart was leading me to explore my own baking business. 

My mom, Karen had been helping at Farmer's Markets and events so when we got the storefront, it was a natural choice to have her join me full time running the business! She would decorate all our kids birthday cakes growing up, which you can see next time you come in our picture shelves!  

Sprinkles of Joy was created to bring people joy through our edible creations--we can't wait to bake for you! 


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