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Spook Box

Spook Box

Spiderwebs & Ghosts Cookie Kit

Spiderwebs & Ghosts Cookie Kit

Fall Flavors: Coffee Cakes

Fall Flavors: Coffee Cakes

Fall Flavors: Cupcakes

Fall Flavors: Cupcakes

Halloween Deco Kit

Halloween Deco Kit

Fall Flavors: Mini Bread

Fall Flavors: Mini Bread


Sprinkles Of Joy has moved    in with...

We were able to set up a kitchen space to expand the business. We're full of gratitude for the Fat Milo's team and their support of our business! .

Update as of 1/7/2020: We are moved in to our converted kitchen space in the back right area of Fat Milo's restaurant and have a window display (left of the Fat Milo's main entrance), to let customers know we are here! 

The display window is going to be used mostly for order pick-ups and occasional pop-up sales.  We will not be open for daily storefront hours as our business is currently focusing on custom orders and events. 


..But who knows what the future will hold!   


Hi there and welcome to Sprinkles of Joy bakery! We have previously been a bakery through word of mouth, social media and summer markets but now we can serve you better through our new move in with Fat Milo's restaurant! We currently have a kitchen space in the back and a window display that we will have pop-up sales in! We will have sales a couple times a month and in the meantime, the display window will be decorated with cake dummies and upcoming dessert promotions as well as a place to pick up custom orders.  

Thanks and we are excited to bake for you!!


 Hi, I'm Kelly, the owner and confectionary creator! I grew up baking in the kitchen with my family and my own creativity grew when I received my easy bake oven for Christmas when I was nine. I delighted in sharing my treats with my loved ones, and even made my puppy various cakes and treats!

As I grew older, my passion continued to grow and I knew that I wanted to pursue baking as a career. I sought out more education to learn from the best and have a solid foundation for my baking knowledge. I graduated from  Le Cordon Bleu with my degree in Baking and Patisserie in 2016. After working for several bakeries in the Portland area, my heart was leading me to explore my own baking business. 

Sprinkles of Joy was created to bring joy to people through my edible creations! It is a commercially based bakery that makes custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more. Because it is a small custom order based bakery, if you have other desserts that you would like to order, please don't hesitate to ask! We love to create personalized treats for any occasion.

Be sure to look for us at various markets and festivals in the Portland Metro area! And now keep your eye out for our pop-up sales at our Fat Milo's display window!

Sweet welcomes!!

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Where can you find us?

Farmer's Markets: 
WED Newberg (4-8pm)
2nd & College Street  
THURS Wilsvonille (4-8pm) 
Town Center Park 
Display Window/Pick Up Door: 
16147 SW Railroad St
Sherwood, OR 
Door to the left of Fat Milo's 
Use Ring Doorbell upon arrival  
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CLOSED: Sunday-Monday
Need 3 DAYS prior for special orders