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Sips of Joy Drinks 

Soda Fountain Drinks mixed with fruit purees, flavored syrups and cream. You can make your own or choose from our favorites! 

16 oz

24 oz 

We named our favorite drinks after family members and fun memories. Below is the meaning behind each drink: 

Dad’s Strawberry Birthday Cake: Sprite, Strawberry Puree, Vanilla

This drink tastes just like the cake dad asks for each birthday. It’s the strawberry cake his grandma made for him growing up. 

Dania’s Delight: Sprite, Peach, Cream

When taste testing this was Dania’s, Kristi’s mother in-law favorite drink. With a bit of a peaches and cream vibe, it is quite the delight! 

Queen of Everything: Sprite, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cream

At age 2, the oldest sister, Kristi, told mom that she was the queen of everything and she did to have to do what she said. This drink was made by Kristi and is elegant like a queen.

The Giraffe: Sprite, Strawberry Puree, Mango Puree

Grandma Shirley’s favorite animal is a giraffe (to most of her family’s surprise when she divulged this in her eighties). This drink has the pop of yellow, just like a giraffe! 

Pink Bunny: Sprite, Strawberry Puree, Raspberry Puree, Peach

This pink drink is named for Lucy, the first grandchild. Her favorite companion is her pink (her favorite color), stuffed bunny that grandpa bought for her on a roadtrip from Idaho to Oregon. 

KellBell: Coke, Cherry, Coconut

While she hated the nickname when she was younger- Kelly Belly, Kelly has come around to the nickname now (especially since it’s shortened to KellBell). This is her favorite drink.

K+D Lpve Potion: Coke, Strawberry Puree, Vanilla, Cream

When Kristi and Dustin were dating, one of them mistyped love as “lpve”. Since then, it’s been a special way to say, “I love you” between the two of them. Who knew a typo could be endearing? Be careful, you could end up lpving this drink!

The Moosecall: Coke, Hazelnut, Vanilla, Cream

Woodsy, nutty, dark. Three words that can describe both a moose and this drink. Invented by Dustin, who has taught his daughter Lucy the special art of moose calls, this drink is both rugged and sweet. 

Tiki Jones: Coke, Mango Puree, Coconut

As Disneyland is one of the favorite destinations of our family, the Indiana Jones ride and the Dole Whip at the Tiki Room were the inspiration for this tropical drink. 

Grammy’s Go-To: Fanta Orange, Vanilla, Cream

Grammy’s (Karen) favorite! A concoction of a dreamsicle-esque drink. This will have you reminiscing back to enjoying that cold, sweet treat from the ice cream truck when you were younger (or when it was summer, if are still a kid).

Adrenaline Rush: Fanta Orange, Strawberry Puree, Cherry

The youngest, Kevin, created this wild drink. He’s always had an adventurous side (dirt biking, hiking, riding his scooter down the street at top speed when he was 2). This drink might sound a little crazy, but it’s delicious!

Wallowa Mtn Sunset: Fanta Orange, Strawberry Puree, Peach, Cream

Enterprise, Oregon is where the Pratts are from. This summery drink takes us back to warm summer nights watching the sunset over the Wallowa Mountains at our grandpa’s farm. 

Daddy-Daughter: Dr. Pepper, Strawberry Puree, Coconut

Dustin’s dad and sister (Dietmar & Hope) are both big Dr. Pepper lovers. Their Daddy-Daughter bond is strong, but is it strong enough to let the other have the last Dr. Pepper….

The Purple Hat: Dr. Pepper, Raspberry Puree, Coconut

The youngest sister, Kimmy (whose favorite drink is Dr. Pepper), asked our Auntie Jan for a purple hat for Christmas when she was 2 or 3. Auntie Jan found her one, and was so excited to give it to her, only to have Kimmy say, “It’s a purple hat,” with disgust. From then on, purple hats seemed to keep showing up at Christmas for Kimmy. 

Desert Refresher: Dr. Pepper, Coconut, Vanilla  

Grandma Jan (another Dr. Pepper lover) lives in Palm Springs. While we’re not in the desert, when the heat gets to be too much, cool down with this Dr. Pepper with a sweeter twist. 

Come in and try these delicious drinks! 

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