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Cakes are a great way to celebrate various occasions and we are here to help! Whether your cake is for a birthday, wedding, baby shower, team party, or you just want to eat cake, we can help make the event a memorable one with custom designs. Fill out as much as possible in the order form so we can make the cake as perfect as possible!


REMEMBER: When you order, we need 1-2 weeks before your event date. And CLOSED on Sun/Mon. Thanks!

Cake Pricing Guide:


6" (Serves 8-12) $35

8" (Serves 12-16) $45 

10" (Serves 18-24) $60

*specialty cake flavor will have increase in price 


Vanilla Buttercream ($0)

Triple Berry Compote (+$5)

Lemon Curd (+$5)

Chocolate Ganache (+$5)

German Chocolate (+$10)


Frosting (Exterior): 

Vanilla Buttercream ($0)

Chocolate Buttercream ($0)

Design Detail:

Basic Decorating ($0): two frosting colors, simple borders and simple inscription.

Custom Detail: You get ONE of these options per cake:

$5 Detail:

  • 3-4 Frosting Colors  OR

  • 3-5 Frosting Flowers, OR

  • 1 Simple Fondant 2D Cutout (shape or plaque)

$10 Detail:

  • Ganache Drip, OR

  • 1 Complex Fondant 2D Cutout (person, character), OR

  • Small Fondant 3D Figure (2 1/2") OR

  • Piped Frosting Texture (on the sides of the cake like rosettes or swirls), OR

  • 20 Small Fondant Shapes (like stars, polka-dots, etc) 

$15 Detail:

  • Unicorn Cake (with gold horn, ears, eyes and colored mane), OR

  • Fondant Covered Cake (completely covered in fondant), OR

  • Large 3D Figure (4")

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