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Wedding Cakes 

Love is sweet! Let us help you celebrate with our wedding cakes! We love to make our cakes as custom and personable as possible.

Wedding Cake Info

There are a few steps to take to make ordering your wedding cake as easy as possible:

1. Take a look at our basic information for wedding cakes. Get ideas on how many servings you would like, your design style, and flavors. 

2. Schedule a cake tasting so we can meet, taste the cake flavors, and solidify details for your special cake. 

3. Meet for a second and final cake meeting OR phone call: We will confirm the details of the cake sizes, flavors, and your design. At this point, we require a 50% deposit to reserve your date.

4. Final Payment: Due one month before the wedding date.

5.Cake Delivery: We deliver and set up the cake at least one hour before the ceremony (or specified time set in the contact). 

Time to celebrate your special day and cake!  

Cake Details 

Cake Sizes

Traditional Flavors


Traditional Vanilla

Rich Chocolate

Almond (Poppyseed)

Lemon (Poppyseed)


Red Velvet







Cream Cheese 


 Specialty Cake Flavors

(Additional $5 per tier)

Moist Carrot

Cider Cinnamon





(Additional $5 per tier)

    Triple Berry Compote

Chocolate Ganache

Lemon Curd

Caramel Sauce  

German Chocolate


Have more flavor ideas? Let us know! 

Wedding Cupcakes

Single Tier Cakes

$5 / slice

6": Small cutting cake for the couple, serves 12


8" : Medium cutting cake for the couple and bridal party, serves 20


10" : Large cutting cake for the couple and others, serves 38


2 Tiered Cakes 

$5.47 / slice

2 Tiered cake prices includes 

$15 Stacking Fee 

6"/ 8" : Serves 32


3 Tiered Cakes

$5.50 / slice

3 Tiered cake prices includes 

$30 Stacking Fee 

6"/ 8"/ 10" : Serves 70


These are base prices for the cakes. This means that they come with a simple design and traditional flavors. Designs that are included: smooth frosting, naked cakes and rustic lines. If the design you would like is more intricate, the price will increase. 

Wedding cupcakes flavors can be the same as your wedding cake or different flavors. They are ordered by the dozen, one flavor per dozen. 


$3.50 per cupcake


$2.00 per cupcake

$25 Set up fee for Cupcakes.


Cake Delivery: $20 within 25 miles of Sherwood, additional travel $1 per mile. An additional $25 will be charged for setting up Wedding cupcakes.

Cake Tasting: $25

Set up a cake tasting so we can meet, talk details and eat delicious cake: 

Send a message on the HOME page 


Email at

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