Round Swirl

Regular sized cupcakes that come by the dozen. There is 1 flavor per dozen so if you would like various flavors, order a couple dozen! 


Basic Decorating (included in base price): one frosting color and sprinkles


Custom Detail: You get ONE of these options per amount:

$5 Detail:

  • 2 Frosting Colors, OR
  • Flower Petal frosting design, OR

$10 Detail:

  • Fondant 2D Cutouts, for each cupcake (simple shapes, logos), OR
  • Unicorn Cupcakes (horn, ears, sprinkles) OR
  • Themed Characters (animals, emojis, etc)


If you have other custom design ideas, send us a message for a quote!


In the Specify Details text box, be sure to write out all the details of the colors of the fondant, sprinkles, frosting, what type of cutout/shapes. Be as specific as you can!


**If you place the order and after reviewing it, the baker concludes that the cupcake detail is more expensive, the customer will be contacted.**