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6" Custom Cake
  • 6" Custom Cake

    Can't find a themed cake in our cake selection? Create yours here! 

    Let us know all the details so we can be sure to create a cake that you'll love! 

    If you aren't sure on the amount of PRICE DETAIL to choose, email Kelly to get a quote! 


    Custom Detail: You get ONE of these options per cake:

    $5 Detail:

    • 3-4 Frosting Colors (like an ombre up the sides of the cake)  OR

    • 3-5 Frosting Flowers, OR

    • 1 Simple Fondant 2D Cutout (shape or plaque)

    $10 Detail:

    • Ganache Drip, OR

    • 1 Complex Fondant 2D Cutout (person, character), OR

    • Small Fondant 3D Figure (2 1/2") OR

    • Piped Frosting Texture (on the sides of the cake like rosettes or swirls), OR

    • 20 Small Fondant Shapes (like stars, polka-dots, etc) 

    $15 Detail:

    • Multiple of the above descriptions (like the multiple colors, and small fondant shapes), OR

    • Fondant Covered Cake (completely covered in fondant), OR

    • 3D Figure (4")

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