Sips and Sweets
  • Sips and Sweets

    Want a fun night in with your friends, drinking wine and decorating cookies? I have a class for you! Sips and Sweets means you bring the sips and I'll bring the sweets! 


    We have a couple choices of how you can plan your Sips and Sweets: 

    --Contact us first, we can chat about the theme that you want your friends to do at your party. Then we set up a Sips and Sweets "product" page that your friends can come to my site and buy their spot for your party. It will specifically have your name on the menu but without any other personal info. This gives me the correct number of people attending and let's everyone easily pay online before the date. 


    --  The host (the one that buys the package) gets to decide the theme for the class. You will pay for everyone that will be attending your Sips and Sweets party and they pay you back personally. This makes it simple and quick! 



    --The package includes 4 of your friends (and you!) and 1 hour of decorating fun and sips! You can always add more friends too!   

    --This means each guest pays $18 or you treat them to a sweet night, either way I'll be there! 

    --This party is mainly a decorating party. You can choose the theme like the design of the cookies, or cupcakes. If you have other ideas, send me a message and we can chat about them! 


    Can't wait to bake with you!

    • Baking/Decorating Topics Disclaimer

      I am excited to bake with you! 


      I just want to let you know that some baking or decorating skills might take over an hour to create. If you have questions, feel free to send me a message and I can let you know a better time range for the class.

    • Example of Topics

      Below are some examples of the types of classes I offer: 



      --Bake Sugar Cookies: To make and bake the cookies would be an hour class. This would include the details about following certain directions in the recipe and the chemistry that is happening while mixing and baking but would not include decorating the cookies.

      --Decorating Sugar Cookies: This class would be a hour to decorate a few cookies with different techniques for each. 


    Not accepting Orders for 10/8

    Bakery Contact Kelly for questions at or call 971-281-8119