Champagne Cake
  • Champagne Cake

    Choose your cake size:

    • 6" (Serves 8-12) $40
    • 8" (Serves 12-16) $50
    • 10" (Serves 18-26) $70


    Pick Up times for cakes are Tue-Fri between 10-3:45pm and Sat 10-1:45pm 


    Basic Decorating (included in base price): two frosting colors, simple borders and simple inscription.


    Custom Detail: You get ONE of these options per amount:

    $5 Detail:

    • 3-4 Frosting Colors (for decorating the cake, borders, writing), OR
    • 3-5 Frosting Flowers, OR
    • 1 Simple 2D Cutout (shape or plaque)

    $10 Detail:

    • Ganache Drip, OR
    • 1 Complex 2D Cutout (person, character), OR
    • Small 3D Figure (2 1/2") OR
    • Piped Frosting Texture (on the sides of the cake like rosettes or swirls), OR
    • 20 Small Fondant Shapes (like stars, polka-dots, etc) 

    $15 Detail:

    • Unicorn Cake (with gold horn, ears, eyes and colored mane), OR
    • Fondant Covered Cake (completely covered in fondant), OR
    • Large 3D Figure (4")


    In the Specify Details text box, be sure to write out all the details of the colors of the fondant and frosting, what type of cutout, ganache drip color. Just be as specific as you can! 


    **If you place the order and after reviewing it, the baker concludes that the cake detail is more expensive, the customer will be contacted.**


    Check banner at top of page to make sure orders aren't closed for your desired date. 

      BAKERY is Closed due to covid exposure!
      Hope to be open back on Friday 1/28

      Contact Kelly for questions at or call 971-281-8119